to a website all about coffee.

On this page, I will take you through all of the coffee shops near Roger Williams University that I have personally visited, either one time or one hundred times. I will share those experiences with you to help you choose where to spend your mornings and money. I have ordered a simple iced coffee at each of these locations, and am here to give my opinions. I have also included information about the decor, service, and other products available. I will also touch on where these shops are located, and finally, I give my rating out of 5.
  1. Why I like Coffee
    • It's yummy
    • It's social
    • It wakes me up

  2. Why I made this site
    • To share with fellow coffee lovers
    • For my web development class
    • I thought it would be fun

  3. What you can learn on this site
    • Where the closest coffee shops are
    • My personal favorite drinks
    • The price comparisons of different coffees